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Fully Working Clash of Clans Hack – Last Update 28-05-2014

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How to properly install Clash of Clans Android Hack on your Android/IOS device:
1 Click the Download button, or click Second Download button.
2 Download the Clash of Clans Android Hack, on your computer.
3 Extract file, with WinRar.
4 Plug-in your device to Computer.
5 Start the hack.
6 Press the Start button, and then wait a while until the program hack your game.
7 Start the game, and have fun.

Clash of Clans is a game that hard to find now in the top 10 most active application. This production was at the top of the charts a few weeks ago. Interestingly, however , in the most important category – Top Grossing – still remains in first place in more than 60 countries worldwide. This is the most profitable game in the App Store, brings higher profits than Angry Birds , Fruit Ninja , or the recently released Grand Theft Auto : Vice City .
Production of the Finnish company Supercell is a combination of popular FarmVille’a once Travian. Each participant receives a fun piece of land on which the village is assumed . It starts from the basic buildings that allow you to recruit workers to work.
The next step is to build a gold mine and plants extracting mysterious elixir from deposits located beneath the village . The acquired raw materials allow military recruiting and building his own defense . As you might imagine , the task is to attack other villages and self-defense against invasions of other players.

No need to wait for hours to access the village of enemy soldiers (this was in Travian ) . Just one finger tap on the icon of the war , and after a while there is a proposal of the village, which can attack . If the defense enemy seems too strong a few gold coins you can ask for another village. There are no limits , so no problem is impossible to find villages developing worse.
Of course, when an attack robs a gold and a potion that can be used for training new units ( 10 different types ), or the expansion of the village. Each building has several levels of expansion , which provides fun for many long weeks. The expansion is not straight – it requires a large amount of raw materials, the time ( higher-level buildings are constructed for a few days) and patience.
Attack other weapons and their own village

Interestingly , with the development of the player loses the ability to attack the much weaker villages. The more we grow, the stronger the village must acquire . You should invest in improvements to the army or the construction of facilities such as dragons or air balloons with bombs on board.
Naturally, when you turn off the game village is vulnerable to attack other players. When you log in to the server , you can see who attacked and if he managed to get into the vault . Putting a few towers , guns and mortars can effectively repel the enemy attack .

For a successful defense or attack carried out successfully obtained the glory of points called trophies . These points are determinant of the position of other players. With a large number of them can not only unlock achievements , but also to join the already existing in-game guilds .
Joining an alliance has advantages and disadvantages . Guild members can send troops to provide support . On the other hand, the village may be beset by other alliances , with whom our alliance is at war .

In between attacks villages of other players can play against a computer opponent campaign . In the game there are 50 villages with different levels of difficulty. The perfect place to test the tactics and skills of individuals .
Microtransactions key to success

The game is built up quite a bit and every now and then you need to recruit new units , taking care to attack other players. At some point run out of raw materials or have to wait too long to complete the construction of a building or the army. What then?
Then with the help come mikrotranskacje that allow you to buy gold , potion or green crystals , so that the construction of all speeds . Favored are those who want to pay , and they can benefit from this advantage.

As it turns out , many want to pay , so that the application can be maintained . Fees for servers certainly are quite high because all the villages and what they are building players is Supercell ‘s servers . The application is therefore really just a client to connect to the server. Minus such a solution is of course a game that only works when you have an Internet connection.